Goh Kawai
河合 剛

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Goh Kawai is a professor of educational engineering at Hokkaido University, Center for Language Learning. Goh Kawai's web site includes course material, teaching evaluations, research and development projects, professional background and personal interests.

北海道大学 外国語教育センター 教授である河合 剛 (かわいごう) のサイトでは、本人の授業資料、指導実践評価、研究開発活動、学歴、職歴、趣味などが記されております。

Murui Publishing
文房 夢類

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Bumboh Murui (Murui Publishing) produces books of high quality in limited volume. Murui helps authors bring their literary creations to life. Murui's web site showcases books that are upcoming or available for purchase.